Say Good-Bye to Summer With Lion Pose


Summer is quickly coming to a close, so what better way to celebrate the seasons extroverted spirit than Lion Pose, or simhasana? If you are heading back to school—or simply savoring that final summer Friday—say good-bye to the season with a roar, by practicing Lion Pose with a group of friends. Be prepared for a peal of giggles after letting out your lion roars!

Begin by sitting back on your heels in a comfortable kneeling position with your right ankle crossed over your left. Your feet should point out to the sides. If you feel uncomfortable, place folded blankets underneath your legs for padding and between your sit bones and your heels to take the pressure off of your knees. Place your hands on top of your knees, then sit up nice and tall. Begin with a few deep breaths through the nose. Now spread your fingers wide to create the “claws” of the lion. Feel the energy run differently through your hands now that the fingers are spread.

lion-pose lion-pose

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Lift your chest up and draw the shoulders back. Inhale deeply through your nose, open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and let out a loud, deep "ahhh." The breath should pass over the back of your throat so that you let out a real lions roar. Take a few normal breaths to recover then repeat 3–5 times. Cross your legs the other way and then repeat this sequence again.