Inventive Ways to Eat Your Greens



Before you dread another serving of plain steamed broccoli for dinner, try a new way to eat your greens. You can incorporate these veggies from your breakfast glass to the dinner plate and enjoy every second of it. Which meal will you switch up next? Here's how to incorporate more greens into your diet.

Stir them into soup. Next time your broth begins to simmer, throw washed spinach or kale in with it. The heat will cook the leaves like a steamer does, and you won't have to sauté your vegetables with cholesterol-heavy butter or oils. This is healthier and more time efficient as well.

Slip greens into your chicken breast. Surprise your tasters by embedding leafy greens into your chicken breast. Before cooking the chicken, make a tiny incision on the side of the breast like a pocket, and fill the pouch with light cheese or honey mustard and greens of your choice. Then close the breast with a toothpick and bake it as you normally would.


Blend leaves into your smoothie. Fruit is the staple of all smoothies, so veggies naturally make a complementary pairing. Kale is a detoxifying addition to smoothies and can go down easier blended rather than eating. Mix up your recipes to start drinking your greens.

Beat them into eggs. Throw your veggies in with a delicious omelet. Steamed or sautéed broccoli and zucchini are easy additions and can give your eggs a more dynamic taste. Or go Greek and make a spinach and feta omelet! Instant gratification. Greens can make an egg dish more colorful as well, so reach for veggies to make your breakfast more pleasing to the eye.

Wrap your burger or sandwich with lettuce. Skip the bun or tortilla and use leafy greens to wrap instead. Collard greens have the perfect thick leaf to make a wrap and keep your sandwich folded up like a burrito. If you find the texture of raw collard greens too tough, cut the thick stems off each leaf and blanch them for 40-60 seconds after you wash them. This makes the leaves more pliable for rolling.

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