Move of the Week: Wide Knee Plié


Want to learn a move that will strengthen your core and lower body all at once? Watch as Sarah Wingo from Pure Barre demonstrates how to perfect the wide knee plié.

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Here's how to do it: Place one hand on the back of a chair that's hip height. Bring your other hand to your hip. Step your feet wider than your hips, turn your toes out. Bend your knees and sink your seat toward knee level. With a heavy tailbone, rise onto your right tippy toes, then lower to a flat foot. Repeat for 30 seconds. Now do the same with your left leg for 30 seconds. Then rise onto tippy toes of both legs and press your knees back. Repeat this small, tight movement for 30 seconds. Finally, press your knees back, extend your outside arm in front of your body, and hold. Repeat the entire sequence.

Trainer tip: Focus on squeezing your inner thighs to keep them fired up.