Move of the Week: Leap Frog


Jay Sullivan

Despite the name, this isn’t the same game you used to play as a kid; there are no clumsy jumps over your friends in a line that never seems to end.

This move does involve leaps, however, which ultimately strengthen your glutes and legs, with additional benefits for the abs.

With this Leap Frog, you’ll have more control, better form, and firming results!

How it works: Stand with feet wide apart and toes turned out to 45 degrees. Lower hips down and back to come into a squat (knees behind toes) with thighs parallel to floor; clasp hands in front with fingers intertwined. Keep abs tight, shoulders back, and weight on heels.

Squeeze glutes as you push into your heels to spring up (and forward, if there's enough room), landing gently in a plie squat; hold 3 seconds, then repeat. Do 15 reps.

For added difficulty, turn your body 180 degrees while in the air. Turn back around for each jump.

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