Move of the Day: Superman Banana


Want a move that targets your back, abs, and butt? This two part move does just that and, it's part of our How to Get Slim All Over Superfast workout. Try it at home or the gym, all you need is a mat and you're set to reap the benefits from this move.

How to do it: While laying on your stomach reach your arms straight out in front of you and extended your legs behind you. Both should be shoulder-width apart. Lift up both your legs and arms simultaneously at least 6 inches off the floor; hold for 5 seconds (shown in top photo).

Then, flip onto your back while keeping your arms and legs lifted. Hold for 5 seconds, and then roll back onto your stomach and repeat, rolling in the opposite direction. Continue for 60 seconds.

For an added bonus, after 60 seconds of the Superman Banana, do 1-minute of side to side leaps.

Trainer tip: To keep your neck and back safe throughout the move, make sure your neck is relaxed and lower you back on the floor as you roll.

Try this move: Superman Banana

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