Look 10 lbs Slimmer with this Posture-Improving Pose


David MartinezFrom Health magazine

Its a fact: good posture makes you look long and lean. And you can get the posture boost you need with the Locust pose. Doing this move four times a week will strengthen your back and shoulder muscles, which start to give in after hours spent slumped in front of a computer.

How-to: Lie face down on a mat with feet hip-distance apart. Press the tops of your feet down onto the mat, and clasp your fingers behind your back. Gently raise your head, shoulders, arms, and hands. Keep your chin relaxed as you continue to lift your chest and push your hands backward to fully extend your arms. To avoid straining your back, press your hips and tailbone down throughout the move. As you get stronger, try lifting your legs a few inches off the mat. Hold the pose for 5–15 breaths.