How to Create a Home Gym for $50 or Less


No time to get to the gym? No problem! You don't need a gym full of fancy equipment to get in shape. For $50 or less, you can get enough gear for a total body workout at home. The key is choosing pieces that are not only effective, but work multiple body parts at once, so you maximize your workout. Here are 3 pieces of equipment to add to your home gym!

at-home-gym.jpg at-home-gym.jpg ! And a good jump rope will likely cost you less than $10. Try this workout to jump off the weight!

Adjustable kettlebell
Using a
kettlebell is guaranteed to give you a great workout from head to toe. The swing movement requires you to use your entire body– core, too! An adjustable kettlebell provide you with a variety of weight options and saves space compared to buying a whole set. Try this quick kettlebell workout to get your heart rate up!

Stability ball
The instability of a stability ball forces you to work your core harder than you normally would on a more stable surface, so you're automatically getting a more effective workout. Pair the stability ball with dumbbells to increase the intensity of exercises, such as overhead presses or chest flies.

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