How to Burn More Calories and Thin Cankles


Q: Should I change up my workout to burn maximum calories?
A: Absolutely. As your body gets used to an exercise program, your muscles learn to work more efficiently—leading them to burn fewer calories. So its important to change your fitness routine every two to six weeks by either switching activities or altering your intensity.

For example, if you usually run 3 miles at 6 mph every other day, try adding fast intervals, going for a longer distance, or doing another activity (like cycling). After a few weeks, its fine to revisit your old routine; just continue to periodically mix things up to keep your body burning as many calories as possible.

Q: Is there a remedy for my fat ankles?
A: Leg shape is primarily inherited, but there are moves that can help. Simplest of all is the Calf Raise, which will sculpt the shape of your calves, making your ankles look thinner. Heres how to do it: Stand with your heels hanging off a step or phone book, then rise up on your toes.

To increase the challenge, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Aim for 3–5 sets of 25–30 reps every other day. Cardio can help, too, by burning off extra fat and helping build even more shapely muscle.