Home Workout Help: How to Burn 300 Calories


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When heading to the gym or your favorite workout studio is not an option, sweating at home can be just as effective with the right plan. The following ideas will help you burn at least 300 calories in under an hour.

Start jumping. You can't go wrong with jumping rope; 35 minutes will do the trick. If you're concerned about losing steam, move through an interval plan that consists of five minutes of jumping, alternating with one-minute rest periods; it will take a few minutes longer, but you'll keep up your momentum and enthusiasm the whole way through.

Dance it out. A high-energy dance fitness DVD like Latin Cardio Party will burn over 300 calories in under 40 minutes. Beyond a solid workout, dancing is an amazing stress buster.

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Give your room a face-lift. Surprisingly, rearranging furniture can burn a ton of calories—well over 300—in 50 minutes. This won't be an option for an everyday workout, unless you get bored with your room faster than most, but it would make for a fun weekend workout with extraproductive purpose!

Take the stairs. This is a great idea for anyone who can't afford a gym membership but lives in a tall building. The StepMill at the gym burns a ton of calories quickly, and your stairs can provide an equally tough home workout. Just 30 minutes going up and down the stairs quickly is all you need.

Transform tube time. Tune into your favorite hour-long show, but don't sit down like a couch potato. Move through a moderate calisthenics the whole way through—even through commercials. This multitasking technique will change your relationship with TV time.

*Calorie counts are based on a 130-pound woman.

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