Get Grounded With Mountain Pose


Science tells us that molecules speed up in the heat. We know this by watching water move around as it starts to reach a boil. During the sweltering summer months, our bodies heat up as well—were made up mostly of water, after all. Our internal cooling systems do as much as they can to keep our temperature at a steady 98.6 degrees, but theres no doubt that we feel this “internal moving around.” This is one of the reasons we feel agitated during the summer months—because we actually are! It is our job as yogis to help ground our energy and steady ourselves, and doing so may even help relieve the heat.

In any posture you do, feel what part of your body is on the ground and feel gravity inviting you there. This connection leaves you feeling more rooted throughout the day. One of my favorite postures for grounding is Mountain. You can practice Mountain Pose anytime—while waiting at the coffee shop, in line at the ATM, or while watering your lawn. It will help you cool down even when the temperature soars.

mountain-pose mountain-pose

Begin by standing with your feet hips distance and parallel. Make sure the weight of your body is even between your heels and your toes. Bend your knees just slightly, then draw your belly in and up while dropping your tailbone down towards the floor. Lift your chest up to the ceiling while dropping your shoulders down and away from your ears. Make sure that you arent jutting your whole head forward in front of your body. Clasp your hands together in front of your chest and raise them to the sky. Balancing like this might feel unusual, but this is a chance to feel grounded in a new way. Although different from your usual tired posture, with practice you can feel strong, balanced, and grounded here.