Gear Guide: Armpocket Aero 10 Workout Pouch


By Su Reid-St. John
Most of the workout clothes I own lack something important: a pocket. So when I’m headed out for a walk or a skate, there’s always the question of what to do with my keys, my ID, etc. I own an older workout pouch that clips inside my waistband, but it looks lumpy, and unless I place my keys in it just so, it’s a little uncomfortable. Luckily, the new Armpocket Aero 10 has vowed to come to my rescue.

The Aero 10 is the smallest of the Armpocket offerings, but it still has room for my iPod, cell phone, keys, ID, and a tissue or two. Most of that stuff fit inside the zippered pocket (which in turn has smaller, stretchy pockets to keep stuff in place)—although there’s also an outside pocket that seemed tailor-made for my iPod Shuffle, so I obliged.

The memory foam on the back of the pouch (the part against my arm) made for an immediate improvement over my old pouch. It was super-comfy and kept the stuff inside from poking me. It also helped mold the pouch to my arm, so it didn’t slip during my workout. The strap is ventilated, so my arm stayed pretty cool. I love, too, that the pouch is made of recycled materials—I’m all for this new green trend in workout gear, and I was happy to see that Armpocket has jumped on this particular planet-friendly bandwagon.

The pouch itself didn’t creep down my arm, but I have to say that it unfortunately still looked and felt a bit bulky. Plus, my cell phone inside wobbled a bit as I moved, which made things feel a little precarious. All in all, it was just a little much for my regular workout, especially since I usually only bring my keys and ID. Maybe Armpocket will decide to create a slightly smaller version; if they do, I’ll buy it.

That being said, for longer, off-road workouts during which you really do need to carry a cell phone, and perhaps a map of the trail and even a small energy bar, this would do the job beautifully—whether you have pockets or not.

Product: Armpocket Aero 10 workout pouch

Category: Gear

Pros: The memory foam padding is really comfy, plus it has room for everything you need for a longer workout (except water).

Cons: It’s a little bulky, plus it wobbles a little when holding bigger objects, like a cell phone.

Cost: $23 at

Extra tip: Have an iPod larger than a Shuffle or an iPhone that you always take with you? Go for the Sport20 model instead, as it has a window for “touch-sensitive electronics”.