Fall Into Motivation: How a Yoga Festival Can Help You Start the Season


Tuesday marks the first day of fall. This is a powerful time of year, a time of change. If you found yourself slacking in your yoga practice this summer, now is the time to renew your energy. And the best way to start fall off on the right foot? Participate in a local yoga festival. Soaking in a little bit of the yoga spirit from those around you will give you renewed motivation to practice.

Last Sunday I attended the Global Mala Yoga Month gathering in Los Angeles. About 700 people got together to do 108 Sun Salutations and celebrate the power of yoga in the community. I had the honor of starting off the salutations, and the gathering reminded me that this is a great time of year to get a group together and renew your intention to practice yoga. Yoga Month is a powerful organization that encourages people to give yoga a try, and the group works to support those who are already on the yoga path. Yoga Month is offering one week of free yoga to anyone who wants to try. Go to the website to find free classes near you.

group-yoga group-yoga , a three-day, 24-hour yoga/chant festival in beautiful Joshua Tree, Calif. The word bhakti means devotion, so practicing bhakti yoga means that you seek peace through a practice of setting a loving intention. Everyone is looking for a little peace in his or her hectic life—whether it's through yoga practice, meditation, a daily run, or even the act of cooking your family dinner. Bhakti yoga teaches us that anything done with love is a practice of yoga. It reminds us that we should pause for a moment and dedicate our efforts to someone or something that is of inspiration to us. By becoming more present and joyful in each moment, we are able to pass on the practice of yoga. That's how I'm approaching my yoga practice this fall, and I hope you'll join me.