Child's Death From SIDS Pushes Group to Keep Running


From left: Lisa Hagans, 40; Lashonda Cox, 34; Aliyah Cox; Olimpia Sabol, 37; Wanda Norwood, 36; Glenise Wilson, 41; Jamillah Baker, 36

From Health magazine

Some women run for weight-loss, some run to be in better physical shape. Meet Meet October's running team of the month: They run for mental health and inspiration.

The group, based in Burlington Township, New Jersey, started running to support a friend who lost her child but they keep running for the benefits and companionship.

“My world was shattered when I lost my son, Jaden, to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). I started our group, Jogging 4 Jaden, as a way for my friends to support me through a difficult time,” says Aliyah Cox, 34. "Some of us run for mental health, others for weight management, but we are all inspiring each other to live our best lives.”

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