Celebrate Summer With Dancing Shiva Pose


Summer's warm, sunny days and long, relaxing events are a great excuse to gather your friends and take your yoga mats outside to a local park. Or head to the beach without your mat and try some balancing postures in the soft sand. The change of scenery and surface will offer a completely different yoga experience, so now is the time to work on your balancing postures.

shiva-yoga-pose shiva-yoga-pose

Natarajasana, or Dancing Shiva Pose, is great for improving your balance and stretching your hip flexor. Begin by standing on your right leg with your right hand on your right hip. Bend your left leg back behind you and grab either the inside or the outside of your left foot—different people like the feeling of the different holds. Lift your belly in and up and draw your tailbone down to create space in the lower back. Then raise your right arm up toward the sky and begin to lean your body forward while pressing your left leg up and away from you. Your right arm will be level with the ground while your left leg makes a bow shape up and away from the front hand. With any balancing posture, keep your eyes steady on a fixed point and continue to breathe smoothly both in and out through your nose. Hold for 5–15 breaths. Release and repeat on your other side.