Lace Up Your Shoes to Celebrate National Running Day


Don't consider yourself a “runner”? You can still celebrate this national fitness holiday: National Running Day.

You see, going for a run doesn’t mean you have to do it fast. Celebrate the day by walking or jogging at your own pace, then gradually get faster once you’ve become conditioned or warmed up.

Running is one activity that can be done just about anywhere, is free, and doesn't require any equipment. It’s just you, your running shoes, and the open road.

It helps to start by giving yourself a goal—-small or big-—from running one mile to signing up for a 10K, to playing tag with your kids.

So, head out for a solo jog, grab a few friends for a run, or join a local running group.

Here are 10 more ways to celebrate National Running Day (via

1. Declare your passion
2. Bring a “runway” to work
3. Morph your friends into running friends
4. Change happy hour to running hour
5. Strike new ground
6. Give the gift of running
7. Make running run in the family
8. Choose a running resolution
9. Take advantage of the great outdoors
10. Treat yourself like a champion

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