Bored With Your Workout? 4 Fitness Trends You Need to Know About


Boredom is one of the biggest demotivators out there when you’re trying to stay fit. When you’ve adopted a fit lifestyle, it helps to try something new every once in awhile to keep your workouts fresh and to keep challenging yourself. These 4 fitness trends for summer 2013 will help keep your boredom at bay. Get out there and try something new!

1. Barre Blast

Whether you dreamed of being a ballerina or never thought you’d set foot in a dance class, barre blast can work for you. Barre classes are dance inspired workouts that use the ballet barre to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Barre classes utilize your own body weight and the floor to shape, sculpt and elongate all of your major muscle groups. Even studios like Flywheel, which focuses on indoor spinning, are adding barre classes to meet demand from their clientele.

2. Bike Sharing

Europeans have been zipping around on bikes sponsored by Barclays for years now, and now the United States is finally joining in. Cities like Atlanta and Denver have had bike shares since 2008, but now with NYC on board with Citibikes, the trend is gaining national attention. Cyclists can rent a bike with a credit card and can drop it off at any docking station around the city, paying in time intervals. Since an hour of leisurely riding can burn up to 280 calories for a 150 lb person, get out of the car and onto a bike as much as you can!

nyc-citibike.jpg nyc-citibike.jpg is a strength and conditioning program designed for hardcore athletes and police academies, and now all kinds of active people are flocking to these classes. Some of the exercises include 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100-sit ups and 100 body weight squats in one workout–if you’re not active now, you WILL NEED to work up to crossfit. Hybrid classes such as Crossfit Yoga at Momentum by Iron in LA combine the intensity of a crossfit workout with the grace of traditional yoga classes. Expect to see more of these crossover crossfit classes in gyms around the country this year.

crossfit.jpg crossfit.jpg are turning 5ks into dance parties. Participants run at night through a course of music and light shows, and are rewarded at the end with a party. These events are popping up everywhere and definitely offer a unique experience and a fantastic group activity for fit friends.

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