A Yoga Move That's Good for Hay Fever


This time of year so many of my students have hay fever–induced sniffles that I want to share the best natural allergy-buster I know—the Cat-Cow pose. The idea is that it helps clear the sinuses by increasing circulation and opening blocked airways. My stuffed-up students tell me this move really works!

How-to: Start on all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips. On an inhale, expand your chest forward, moving your shoulders back and sitting bones up. On an exhale, do the opposite, rounding your back and trying to touch the tip of your nose to your belly button. The exhale helps clear out old toxins from the lungs and sinuses, while the inhale helps to bring in new, fresh oxygen to energize your body. Do 10 slow repetitions several times a day, as needed.

Yoga for your body: Sara Ivanhoes newest DVD series is Yoga on the Edge. She teaches at Yogaworks in Santa Monica, California.