3 New Workouts to Try in the New Year


Going to the gym and doing the same workout day after day gets old quick, and won't help you stick to your goals for the new year. An easy way to get motivated? Try a new workout or sign up for a new class.

Here are three workouts that will inspire you and keep you out of an exercise rut!

SurfSET Fitness
Workout like a surfer? It might sound a little crazy if you don't own a surfboard or live near the ocean, but Surfset Fitness is a fun way to get a high-intensity, full body workout just like a surfer. A surfboard, strapped on top of a mini Pilates reformer-type contraption, allows participants to mimic the movements of a real surfer in open water. In order to "paddle," for instance, you lay down on the board and move your arms just like a surfer would to propel themselves forward in the water. The board is unstable and rocks side-to-side, so you’re constantly engaging your core muscles to help you keep your balance. A number of the exercises also require you to jump from laying to standing, which further engages the core and helps to build explosive power. It's an awesome workout for your entire body!

suftset-fitness.jpg suftset-fitness.jpg and caloric burn. And the instructor provided tons of challenging variations for a number of the moves, so I always had the option of pushing myself. Zumba is definitely one of those workouts where you get what you put into it!

zumba.jpg zumba.jpg , Rebounding strengthens your leg and core muscles. Continuously jumping up and down and from side-to-side required me to counteract the trampoline's bounce and keep myself balanced. Rebounding was a great way to add some variety to my workouts (hello, cross-training) and, of course, boost my mood. I left class with the biggest smile on my face!

trampoline-workout.jpg trampoline-workout.jpg

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