2 Simple Steps to a Healthier You


IstockphotoHave you been told by your doctor that you should lose weight or get more exercise? According to a recent survey by the nonprofit organization America on the Move, nearly 40% of Americans have heard these words from their physicians—although many cite lack of time or motivation as common obstacles to weight loss.

Thats why America on the Move has launched this months STEPtember campaign that encourages people to commit to making two small lifestyle changes for just six weeks. (Yes, it runs into October, but the idea is to get going this month and make it a habit!) Research has shown that by making the following two adjustments every day, 90% of adults can avoid weight gain, and some people may even drop a few pounds.

For the rest of the month, you can register at America on the Move to sign up for daily dietary and activity email tips, track your daily progress, and enter to win a grand-prize package worth more than $2,500, including exercise equipment, grocery money, and a dietary consultation.

You can also find STEPtember events happening in your community: From September 20–27, about 1,400 YMCAs around the country are hosting events to inspire families and individuals to incorporate healthy living into their everyday routines. Find one near you on STEPtembers information page.

The goal for America on the Move Week with the YMCA is to reach 10 billion steps across the United States during the designated week. Help do your part by signing up today!