Healthiest Schools: Miami Springs Middle


6. Miami Springs Middle
Miami Springs, Florida
1,818 students in grades 6 through 8

Healthy reform at this large, urban middle school started in the cafeteria, which eliminated all white-flour products, former principal Gail Quigley, EdD, says. “We dont serve dessert or fried food, and we offer a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables.” Sugary cereals have been banned from breakfast. And all à la carte items meet the stringent criteria of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization devoted to ending childhood obesity. “Excellent, and at first difficult, choices are being made about the foods served by the school,” nutrition panelist Lanou says.

Equally impressive is the effort at the staff level: Health education thats blended into the science curriculum caught the eye of judge Martin, who called it “a creative way to instill healthy habits in students.” Plus, the teachers have set up a gym in their lounge, and they attend on-site Weight Watchers classes and participate in a walking club.

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