Marijuana Smokers Less Obese, Why You Need A Fitness Break at Work, and Giant Rats Sniff Out Tuberculosis

  • Having trouble sticking to your exercise routine? Try these nine simple tricks to make it just a little bit easier. [dailySpark]
  • Despite claims of the “munchies,” a new study finds that regular marijuana users are less obese than people who don’t smoke. [TIME Healthland]
  • Whether you need new shoes for running, walking, or just hitting the gym, you’ll find a perfect fit (for under $100!) here. [FNC iMag]
  • Next time you’re thinking about skipping your lunch break to eat at your desk, consider hitting the gym instead. Employees who take fitness breaks during the day may be more productive than non-exercising workers. [Vitamin G]
  • If you’re on the path to flat abs and just can’t bring yourself to do another boring crunch, try these ab exercises instead. [FitSugar]