5 Editor-Approved Stress-Relief Products


Putting together a magazine each month is an exercise in tight deadlines, late nights, and frazzled nerves. How do Health magazine staffers unwind? Five of them shared their secrets.

stress-fix-200x200.jpg stress-fix-200×200.jpg ) over my wrists, close my eyes, and breathe in lavender and clary sage. It’s my at-desk spa moment, and it so works.”
—Ilana Blitzer, Senior Beauty Editor

foot-roller-200x200.jpg foot-roller-200×200.jpg ). It’s not high-tech, but its varied textures ease my poor feet.”
—Maggie Puniewska, Editorial Assistant

songza-app-200x200.jpg songza-app-200×200.jpg ), a new free music app that lets you choose a playlist that fits with your current mood—or the mood you’d like to be in.”
—Alyssa Walter, Editorial Assistant

workout-lotion-200x200.jpg workout-lotion-200×200.jpg ). Menthol, peppermint, and geranium oils relax me.”
—Rozalynn Frazier, Assistant Editor

art-therapy-200x200.jpg art-therapy-200×200.jpg ) always helps me clear my mind.”
—Kate Lowenstein, Senior Features Editor

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