Women Get Prettier, Teen Overdoses on Nicotine Gum, and What Wine Has in Common With Toilet Cleaner

  • For smokers trying to quit, 10 to 15 pieces of nicotine gum a day usually does the trick. When a 14-year-old from England chewed 45 pieces in a day, however, he ended up in the hospital from an overdose! [BBC]
  • Here's a fun tidbit for your next after-work happy hour: Most commercial wines contain sodium bisulfite—a compound that makes up 50% of certain toilet bowl cleaners! Here are some other weird food ingredients worth thinking twice about. [AOL Health]
  • Evolution seems to be favoring women these days: We’re getting prettier, says a new study. Women with traits generally considered attractive tend to have more children, and those children are more likely to be female. Those little girls inherit their good looks from Mom, and the generations just keep on getting cuter! As for guys, well, not so much. [Times Online]
  • Need a quick fix for the high price of prescriptions? Before shelling out big bucks, check a pharmacy’s website for printable coupons. If you’re lucky, your local pharmacy may even accept coupons from its competitors. Here are more helpful hints for lowering prescription costs. [MomLogic]
  • The lack of incentives—like being paid—for donating organs is at least partly to blame for the shortage of donations that’s currently causing many Americans to dabble in illegal trafficking. So why not pay for them? We’re perfectly fine with women selling their eggs, argues one women's health blogger. [U.S. News and World Report]

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