5 Things to Time Around Your Period


Just as your body clock determines how you feel and perform on a 24-hour schedule, hormonal ebbs and flows through your menstrual cycle can make some weeks optimal for certain activities.

Match these activities to your cycle (as long you're not on hormonal birth control, which stabilizes hormone levels).

Get a breast exam

The week after your period
With estrogen rising and progesterone low, breasts tend to be less tender and lumpy, so masses are easier to find.

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Schedule a job interview

The week before you ovulate
Thanks to the influx of estrogen, you're feeling confident and capable, and your verbal communication skills are as sharp as ever.

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Have great sex

A few days before you ovulate
"Testosterone is peaking, boosting your sex drive," says Rebecca Booth, MD, ob-gyn in Louisville, Kentucky, and author of The Venus Week ($10,
amazon.com). And high estrogen has you feeling especially sexy.

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Take up meditation

The week after you ovulate
Progesterone is on the upswing now, which helps increase your serotonin levels so you feel calm and centered, Dr. Booth says.

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Quit smoking

Two weeks before your period
A new study in Psychiatry Journal found that nicotine withdrawal and cravings are more bearable at this point in your cycle.

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