New Drink Likened to Legal Marijuana, Holding a Grudge Can Harm Your Health, and Why Dandelions Are Good for You

  • Ever wonder why you're a size 12 in one store and an 8 in another? Retailers have caught on to how happy it makes us when we fit into smaller sizes, and they’ve scaled down their sizing. While it sure does make us feel good, it may actually decrease our motivation to lose those few extra pounds. [That’s Fit]
  • What's the opposite of needing a little pick-me-up? Needing a little nap? Whatever you want to call it, there’s a new solution: a relaxation drink. The concoction, called Drank, is made with mellowing melatonin, valerian root, and rose hips. Some are calling its drowsy side effects a legal alternative to marijuana! [Vitamin G]
  • We’re big fans of powerhouse veggies like broccoli and spinach, but who knew there were health benefits for dandelion leaves? Leafy greens are packed with vitamin K, an essential ingredient our bodies use to clot blood and strengthen bones. Check out these greens you’d never guess you should add to your salad! [The Daily Green]
  • A feud with a friend or a falling-out with a family member can really bring our spirits down. But studies show that holding a grudge can actually hurt our health too. Follow these steps to learn how to forgive and forget instead of stressing yourself sick. [DivineCaroline]

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