Selma Blair Shares a Photo of the Bare Butt Massage She Had to Treat Her MS


Ever since Selma Blair went public with her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2018, she's shown amazing strength and positivity every time she addresses her illness. Yet she's also honest about the challenges that come with the debilitating condition.

On Wednesday, Blair shared an Instagram photo of her bare butt cheek and leg while she was getting a massage. She explained that she treated herself to the massage (which involved a very phallic tool) on a particularly tough day. In her typical style, she made the honest caption funny and cheeky—pun intended.

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“this is not a penis. But anyways…I had a mood,” Blair wrote in her caption. “I had tears. I went to shrink. I curled up and let tears drop. And then what do I always do to feel better? @bungalow_3 you are my support system for the bad days and celebrate the good. My cells are sluggish so I am having the most capable and lovely @madera_bc push my slack legs and bring them back.”

"And I like the way my butt looks," she added.

Blair has frequently used social media to document her fight with MS. Throughout the past six months, she’s given an intimate look at her life, often making light of her struggle and limitations brought on by this autoimmune disease. In March, she shared a video of herself applying makeup while struggling with a "lack of fine motor skills."

Though her video showed the painful reality of life with a progressive nervous system illness, it also serves as a perfect example of Blair's upbeat attitude.

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