This Gadget Makes It Possible for Women to Pee Standing Up — and It's Only $13


Growing up in rural Western Pennsylvania, I would be lying if I said I didn’t learn how to “pop a squat” in the woods at a very young age. While this behavior is easy to get away with when you’re a little kid, as a grown adult woman, things can get a whole lot trickier. When you gotta go, you gotta go, but being caught with your pants around your ankles on the outskirts of a hiking trail while stressfully speed-peeing isn’t a fun time for anyone. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way, my fellow folks who need to sit down to pee. Thanks to GoGirl ($13;—a portable and discreet funnel-shaped device designed for female urination—we can pee whenever the moment strikes. (Within reason, that is.) 

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The revolutionary gadget isn’t new, but its genius resonates now more than ever. With restrictions on public bathrooms currently in place, not to mention the added risk of being in a space notorious for germs even in regular, non-coronavirus times, having the ability to go in the great outdoors sounds better than ever. And if you should find yourself in a public bathroom or (shivers) a porta potty, using the GoGirl makes it possible to go in peace without fear of touching anything or squatting until your thighs burn while hovering above the seat. Truly a win-win. 

How it works is quite simple: You press the GoGirl firmly against your body with your thumb while holding it in place with your middle finger until there’s enough pressure to create a seal. Then you just, well, go, letting the pee stream out ahead of you. When finished, just rinse the moisture- and germ-resistant medical-grade silicone funnel off and go about your merry, empty-bladdered way. 

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Portable Bathroom for Women Portable Bathroom for Women , $13;

If you’re not already sold on the gadget, a quick browse through the thousands of reviews left by satisfied Amazon shoppers may do the trick. From motorcyclists to avid outdoorswomen, they say $13 device is an essential part of making their lifestyles a little bit easier—and for some, it’s just plain fun. 

“You just hold it in place, pull your pants down just enough for it to stick out and pee. No taking your pants all the way off. No squatting. No accidentally peeing down the side of your leg,” said one reviewer. “When you’re done you just shake it out, rinse it if you can, and stick it back into the container. Easy PEEsy… I can’t wait until winter so I can try to write my name in the snow.”

If you, like me, are too old to comfortably and legally “pop a squat” in a public space, give yourself and your bladder peace of mind with the genius GoGirl.

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