Eating a Burger? One Topping Makes It Instantly Healthier


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Next time you're jonesing for a burger, consider topping it with avocado: A new study at UCLA found that it might ease some of the negative effects the meat has on your heart health.

In the study, 11 healthy males between 18 and 35 ate hamburger patties plain, and then again with half an avocado spread on top.

Researchers found that when the meat was combined with avocado—which is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fats—their levels of inflammation were lower in the hours afterwards compared to when they ate the meat alone.

The study also found that the restriction of blood flow that happens in the arteries after eating a high-fat meal was mitigated by the avocado: There was significantly less of a reduction in blood flow in the volunteers' arteries after they ate the avocado-topped burger compared to after they ate the plain burger.

Both inflammation and reduced arterial blood flow are important risk factors for heart disease.