This Is the Day of the Week People Feel Sickest


Tuesday is the new Monday—at least when it comes to sick days. And this we know thanks to social media.

It turns out a lot of us like to complain about our symptoms via tweets. In fact, documenting our illnesses on Twitter is so common that a team of researchers from Bay Alarm Medical, a maker of medical alert systems, was able to pull nearly 500,000 tweets that referenced specific communicable diseases or generally feeling sick. The team then combined that data with statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop an overview of sickness around the nation.

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One of the most surprising findings had to do with timing: On average, illness-related complaints peaked on the second day of the week, with 13 percent more sick tweets on Tuesday than Monday. Looks like we should all be sharing “I hate Tuesdays” graphics on social media rather than the usual anti-Monday posts.

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Skeptics might have assumed Friday would be the sickest day of the week, given the temptation to get the weekend started early.

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But, the number of grievances declined steadily after Tuesday through the end of the work week. Saturday saw the fewest mentions of being under the weather, which, let's face it, makes a lot of sense. Clearly we channel our inner-strength (or the power of denial) to make it through the weekend before we let the germs get the best of us.

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