Shoppers Say This $7 Anti-Itch Stick Is 'The Best Thing Since Toilet Paper'


There’s nothing like a summer day spent soaking up the sun—except when it ends in bug bites, poison ivy rash, or a sunburn. Instead of skipping a day outdoors to prevent these pesky problems, Amazon shoppers turn to Benadryl Itch Relief Sticks (3 for $7; 

The anti-itch stick has the same key ingredient as Benadryl’s allergy relief medication, the antihistamine diphenhydramine. When applied topically rather than ingested, the antihistamine acts as a pain and itch reliever that treats a range of ailments, from sunburns to bee stings. It’s safe to apply up to 4 times a day and gives hours of alleviation with every application.

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The extra-strength gel also packs a small dosage of the astringent zinc acetate. This addition gives it a drying effect that can be used to treat rashes from poison ivy, oak, and sumac. And unlike many other ointments, it’s clear and can be worn in public without attracting a strangers’ stare. 

Deemed a “miracle stick” by one reviewer, the portable pick is similar in size to a pen and ships in a pack of 3. Shoppers recommend keeping one stick by the bedside, one in the car, and another in your go-to bag to ensure it’s always on hand. Depending on how much time you spend outdoors, you can also purchase the formula in a larger 3.5-fluid ounce container

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benadryl-stick-itchy-skin benadryl-stick-itchy-skin , 3 for $7;

More than 1,800 shoppers agree this itch-relieving treatment lives up to the hype, leaving it a perfect 5-star rating. In fact, one reviewer called it “the best thing since toilet paper” before revealing it’s the one item they always keep on hand (along with toilet paper). They say their family uses the stick to treat everything from hives to post-wax inflammation—and they’d give it a “million” stars if they could.

Another agreed: “I’ve tried about 10 other products and none were near the relief this provided. My son and I both attract bug bites like crazy, especially on the golf course. I am the type that will absolutely itch until it bleeds and then itch some more. The instant relief with this is a miracle. It’s a winner in my book.”

Whether you’re dealing with hives or a scalp allergy, this tiny stick is the medicine-cabinet staple you didn’t know you needed. Luckily, it’s affordable; A 3-pack of sticks costs just $7, while the less portable tube is just over $4. Now if only we could find a way to keep the mosquitos away for good.

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