5 Non-Dairy Ice Creams That Taste as Great as the Real Thing


Well, if you live in the world, you know that Ben & Jerry's released four vegan ice cream flavors this week, and nearly broke the Internet. But there are plenty of other non-dairy frozen, creamy treats out there to love! Below, we've rounded up five of our favorite make-you-want-to-eat-the-whole-pint brands. (Just remember, they're dairy free not sugar free, so, you know, go easy.)

So Delicious

Whether you prefer almond-, coconut- or cashew-based ice cream, you'll find just the pint for you made by So Delicious. With flavors like Salted Caramel Cluster, Cherry Amaretto and Butter Pecan (alongside the classic vanilla, chocolate, mint chip, etc.), there's plenty to dig your spoon into.

Try it: $52 for 8 pints, amazon.com

coco-ice-nsa-butter-pecan.jpg coco-ice-nsa-butter-pecan.jpg aptly named Coconut Bliss pints, this would be—oh wait, there's also Mocha Maca Crunch. And Ginger Cookie Caramel. And Summer Berry Swirl. Never mind, we can't pick just one. One caveat: These luscious, organic, and gluten-free concoctions do taste of coconut (some more strongly than others), so that's something to consider if you don't care for the flavor.

Try it: $7, wholefoodsmarket.com

coconut-bliss-copy.jpg coconut-bliss-copy.jpg

Steve’s Ice Cream

We remember going to Steve's Ice Cream shop when mix-ins in ice cream were the newest thing. These days, thankfully, you don't have to wait on line at one store in New York City for Steve's. Even better, the non-dairy flavors, which are organic and coconut-based, include the likes of Burnt Sugar Vanilla, Blackberry Honey, and Speculoos Cookie Butter.

Try it: $6, wholefoodsmarket.com

steves-copy1.jpg steves-copy1.jpg

almond-licious.jpg almond-licious.jpg

Laloo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream

If you're reading this and thinking, Wait a minute. Isn't goat milk considered dairy? Yes, you're right. But we wanted to include this ice cream because a) it's delicious and b) some people who can't tolerate cow's milk do fine with goat's milk. Goat's milk more closely resembles mother's milk than cow's milk, so it's easier to digest. (Of course, if you're allergic to milk or have a very strong lactose intolerance, a truly nondairy milk is a better choice for you.) We love the yogurt-y tang of Laloo's, which works beautifully in traditional flavors like Vanilla Snowflake, Deep Chocolate and Mystic Strawberry, as well as more exotic ones. That's you, Black Mission Fig and "Capraccino" Almond Fudge.

Try it: $8, icecreamsource.com

capraccino-copy1.jpg capraccino-copy1.jpg Photo: icecreamsource.com