4 Simple Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Bedroom


Have allergies? Consider these habits part of your sleep hygiene routine.


All those books and knickknacks are dust magnets; move them to other rooms. Skip throw pillows, too; not only are they dust mite paradise, they're often tossed on the floor (getting even dustier).

Enforce a no-pet policy

Kicking Miss Snugglepaws out of your bed won't completely eliminate the amount of dander that makes its way into the bedroom, but it will help.

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Vacuum—like, a lot

Carpets are killer for people with allergies. If you can't replace your carpets with washable area rugs, take a spin around the floor with your HEPA vacuum at least once a week.

Dry your hair before bed

Falling asleep with damp tresses can encourage mites and mold in your pillow. If you're not a fan of the blow-dryer, it may be worth bumping your bath or shower earlier.