5 Great Alcohol-Free "Mocktails" to Sip


When I'm out with my friends at a bar or restaurant, sometimes I just don't feel like drinking alcohol. Maybe I'm watching my calories or I have plans to work out early the next morning. In this type of setting, I always feel a little awkward if I don't have a drink in my hand though.

At home or a house party, I usually have plenty of ingredients to make a tasty "mocktail" (an alcohol-free beverage that looks just like a cocktail), but when I'm out with my friends, I don't readily have coconut water and cherry juice at my disposal.

Of course, I don't want to miss out on having fun with my friends, so I started to get creative with my drink orders. Here are some of my go-to "mocktails" that you might like too! (I swear, no one will know the difference, but you, and your body will thank you later!)

Club soda + a splash of pineapple juice + a tiny bit of grenadine – I love this drink! It's not super sweet, but it tastes like cotton candy.

Diet lemon-lime soda (such as Sprite) + a splash of cranberry juice + a squeeze of fresh lemon – An alcohol-free twist on the Cosmopolitan.

Club soda + a splash of orange juice and pineapple juice – The combination of ingredients reminds me of a creamsicle without all of the calories and fat.

Diet soda (Coke or Pespi) + a tiny bit of grenadine + a maraschino cherry – Who says you can't drink a Roy Rogers as an adult?

Club soda + a splash of grapefruit juice + a squeeze of fresh lime – This drink reminds me of summer. It's light and fresh with just a touch of sweetness mixed with some zesty lime juice.

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