Jennie Garth: My New Motto? Keep Your Life Light!


Andrew Macpherson

I am an overhauler. You feel so much lighter when you don’t have that much stuff bogging you down. There has to be room for the new in your life—new experiences, new memories. Here’s how to make space for it all:

Step 1: Attack your closets

If it doesn’t fit, I get rid of it. And when you get your body back, treat yourself to new things. Your style and preference changes anyway. Plus, somebody could use those clothes. Let it go.

Step 2: Ask yourself
“Do I want to be seen in this?” Just the other day, I was photographed in sweatpants that I didn’t want to be caught wearing. And I was so pissed, like, “Oh, why did I keep those sweatpants?” Now I’ve seen them on the Internet! I already got rid of them.

Step 3: Ditch the mismatched glasses
If you go into my cabinets, it’s, like, the cup from the fair in ‘93 with the straw that’s broken, but my kids don’t want to let it go. My new rule: If we’re not using something on a daily basis, let’s get rid of it.

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