Elizabeth Hurley's New Natural Life


“It” clubs and fabulous restaurants? Whatever. The actress, supermodel, and entrepreneur is happiest at home in the country with her husband, son, and 183 farm animals.

Q: Youve been the spokesperson for Estee Lauders Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign since 2000. What made you get involved?
A: My grandmother had breast cancer, as have a number of my friends. Now, more than ever, it is important to get the message out: Survival rates are rising, and each year we get closer to a cure. If breast cancer is detected early, it is 98 percent curable.

Q: Whats your favorite product that helps fund the fight against breast cancer?
A: Estee Lauders Elizabeth Hurley High Gloss Lip Color Collection ($16); sales support the companys donation to the cause.

Q: Your skin is gorgeous. Whats your secret?
A: Turning the shower to cold every morning. Its hideous but great for the skin.

Q: Do you have a trick for juggling work and family?
A: Truthfully, I think its really stressful to be a working mom. It basically means youre seriously sleep-deprived at any given moment and, if youre like me, have very little social life. I dont have a full-time nanny because I want to bring up my son, Damian, myself. I work when hes at school and in bed. Im happy to put him first.

Q: You gave up city living and bought an organic farm.
A: I love everything about the country: the fresh air, the trees, the peace, my dogs, my garden. I want my son to grow up pre­dominantly in the country so he can climb trees instead of inhale pollutants in London. We have 35 piglets, 18 adolescent pigs, four sows, two boars, 40 cattle, four chickens, and 80 sheep.

Q: Whats your favorite way to unwind?
A: I love going to my farm. I like having my best friends come to stay. And I like to eat delicious food and laugh a lot. I can put up with most things in life, as long as someone is making me laugh.