Dr. Oz's Quick Morning Workout


IstockphotoThis quick morning workout by Dr. Oz is all you need to get your body going.

Start with a a sun salutation:

1. Stand on a mat in Mountain pose (face forward, feet together, arms down at your sides, weight evenly distributed) with feet hip-width apart, hands in prayer position.

2. Inhale as you sweep your arms up and gently arch back (only go as far as feels comfortable).

3. Exhale as you bend forward at the waist (Forward Bend pose), reaching your hands toward the floor and your face toward your knees (its okay to bend your knees a little).

4. Inhale as you step your right foot back into lunge position.

5. Exhale as you step your left foot back and come into plank position (think push-up position with your arms straight, but not locked). Hold for a moment while you inhale.

6. Exhale and bend your elbows to lower your body to the mat.

7. Keeping your hands in place beneath your shoulders, press your hands into the floor and inhale as you straighten your arms, allowing your back to curve into a gentle backbend as you lift your chest (Upward-Facing Dog pose). Tuck your tailbone, and only go as far as is comfortable.

8. Exhale as you push up with your arms while lifting your hips toward the ceiling, pushing up and back into Downward-Facing Dog pose (legs and arms straight but not locked, so your body forms an inverted “V”).

9. Inhale while stepping your right foot forward into lunge position.

10. Exhale while stepping your left foot forward and straightening your knees to return to Forward Bend pose.

11. Inhale while slowly coming up out of the bend. Finish with your arms reaching overhead, arching gently back from the waist.

12. Exhale and slowly return to Mountain pose by bringing your hands together and lowering them to prayer position.