Bethenny's Skinny Bloody Mary


Levi BrownVodka+
low-sodium tomato juice+
lime juice+
hot sauce+
Cajun spices+
Worcestershire sauce+
Skinny Bloody Mary

As cocktails go, Bloody Marys are fairly healthy—the tomato juice is loaded with vitamin C; plus, the kick you get from the seasonings encourages slow sipping. Still, I used to shy away from them because theyre packed with sodium. But I discovered I could switch out regular tomato juice for the low-sodium kind and trade out salty ingredients like celery salt to slash the sodium without losing any of the flavor.

Start by combining first three ingredients in a glass with ice. Add 3 dashes of hot sauce and a dash of Cajun spices and Worcestershire. Stir well and garnish with a celery stalk. Need more kick? Add black pepper.