Bethenny's Pink Grapefruit Spritzer


Jonny ValiantSeltzer water+
pink grapefruit juice+
candied ginger=
Pink Grapefruit Spritzer

Pacing yourself on New Years Eve can be tricky. Ideally, you want to follow every drink with something nonalcoholic, like my Pink Grapefruit Spritzer. I love that it looks like a Champagne cocktail—so whether youre taking a breather from alcohol or not indulging at all, you wont get stuck answering annoying questions about why youre not drinking.

Just fill a wine glass with a few ice cubes, add 11/2 ounces seltzer water or club soda and 1/2 ounce fresh pink grapefruit juice, then garnish with a piece or two of candied ginger. Cheers!