America's Healthiest Families With Dr. Oz


Teresa HoganFrom Health magazine
“Ive gained weight, and the pounds wont budge.” “My kids are picky—they complain about most vegetables and reach for cookies.” “I try to make it to the gym but rarely do.”

Sound familiar? Meet the Carroll family, whose challenges were like most of ours. They aimed to eat healthier and exercise regularly, but wondered if it was even possible with their crazy-busy lifestyle. Kathleen, 46, often travels for work (she owns a consulting company), so she rarely sees the inside of her gym. Meanwhile, her husband, Randy, 50, works in retail, with shifts that can begin at 4:30 a.m. or end at midnight, which meant he often turned to carb-heavy snacks left in the break room.

dr-oz-150 dr-oz-150 that plagues his family. And the couple wanted to break kids, Dillon, 11, and Peyton, 5, of habits like reaching for cookies and eating around most veggies on their plates. In fact, Dillon had recently started carrying a few extra pounds, which they knew upset him.

“We needed better exercise and eating strategies that worked for the whole family,” Kathleen says. “What we were doing wasnt working.”

A Special Thank You, Asics!
To help the Carroll family get moving, ASICS treated each family member to a new pair of walking shoes. Randy received ASICS GEL-Motion, Kathleen now sports a pair of GEL-4-To-8s, and kids Dillon and Peyton were both given ASICS GT-2140s.

Thanks, Asics!