5 Ways to Cut Calories Without Losing Flavor


Substitute oat flour for regular refined white flour in equal parts: It gives you a boost of filling fiber and is super heart-healthy. Its sold in most grocery stores, but if you cant find it, grind regular oats in a food processor.

Use real extracts and spices rather than artificial flavoring (vanilla extract instead of cheaper vanilla flavoring, for example) to add an extra kick of flavor.

Be creative! Certain delicate desserts like souffles are tough to modify. But muffins, cookies, and cakes are forgiving. Try tossing in dried fruits, nuts, and seeds to add flavor, texture, and nutrients.

Raid the fruit bowl. Substitute a large mashed ripe banana, plus a drizzle of canola oil, for a half-stick of butter to cut fat and calories and add some healthy carbs.

Try my golden rule: I tell clients (and friends, family, and anyone wholl listen…) to “eat real foods.” If a product has an ingredient you cant pronounce, you probably shouldnt eat it.
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