Time to Change Your Ways: Washing Your Face in the Shower Is a No-No


Efficiency is a beautiful thing. We're all for anything that makes our beauty routines a little more swift and speedy, we're all busy. This is nothing you haven't heard before. But, we all need to stop washing our faces in the shower and wash them in one place and one place only: the sink.

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In an interview with The Gloss, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, the co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery explained that the ideal place for washing your face is anywhere but your shower (but feel free to do every other kind of cleansing there, by all means). She explained, "I recommend my patients wash their faces at the sink, [you can gauge the water temperature more effectively] and you should use lukewarm or cold water to wash your face."

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Why? Because facial skin is more delicate and temperature is key— if it's too hot, it can damage your skin. So, from now own we suggest you shower head back, sticking your nose up (like a snob), as if someone has greatly offended thee. You'll thank yourself later and so will your regal complexion.

This article originally appeared on MIMIchatter.com.