This Woman's Brow Transformation Is Bananas


If you've never heard of Etude House Tint My Brows Gel, a Korean beauty product that promotes itself as boosting the staying power of your traditional eyebrow makeup, you may want to become acquainted. In all honesty, I had never heard of the stuff (so many products to keep up with!), but after seeing one woman's transformation, I'm on board.

A brave soul on Imgur who goes by Zeldef posted her step-by-step process with the Etude House gel and initially it looks a little worrisome—like you've just thrown some paint on your brows.

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Etude House recommends allowing the stuff to dry for two hours or, even better, sleeping with it on, which is what Zeldef did. When it's dry you actually peel the product off and that's when you uncover whether or not it really works. If you're kinda freaking out that the peeling will take some of your precious brow hairs with it, Zeldef says only a couple were pulled in the process, but it was totally painless.

And by the way, look at the results. So pretty!

eyebrows-1.jpg eyebrows-1.jpg

Etude House Tint My Browls Gel comes in three different shades (brown, light brown, and gray brown) and super affordable with a price point of $8.18 on Amazon. Most reviewers on that site seemed really pleased with the results, while others warn that you need an extremely steady hand to get a natural look and one false move could mean curtains for what you're trying to achieve. The tint reportedly only lasts for a couple of days, so it doesn't require a major commitment if you're looking for a quick fix.

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