The Trick Behind This Set of Before and After Photos Will Blow Your Mind


Confession time: I love before and after photos. Not only do I find them super inspiring, I also admittedly look at them in the same way my six-year-old self once observed those picture puzzles in Highlights magazine, trying to discern what is different in the after from the before. After all, not every single change is super obvious.

When Planking For Pizza Instagrammer Jessica Pack posted her 30 second transformation photo, I was in awe. Pack took two photos of herself in the same bikini, standing in the same spot, just 30 seconds apart from one another, yet very subtle adjustments make the two images look very, very different.

In what one would presume is a "before" photo, she's standing slightly hunched, jutting her stomach out, with her bikini bottoms pulled down a bit around her hips. In the "after" photo which looks like a fitter version from the other image, Pack says all she did was stand up straighter, adjust her bikini bottoms to settle along a more flattering midline and flexing ever so lightly.

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What a major difference posture alone makes! Plenty of relatives have told us over the years to stand up straight, but this is way better motivation.

"You can show your best angles and hide your flaws but at the end of the day what we choose to showcase is a reflection of ourselves," writes Pack in her post. "My body isn't perfect. I still have imperfections and flaws that I'm slowly learning to be comfortable with. I want to be real and honest and open."

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It's obviously hitting home with a lot of people. The 30 second transformation post has received over 2,700 likes since Pack shared the images last week.

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