Stay Safe in the Sun This Summer


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Skin cancer in young women is on the rise—and sun damage is the culprit. Find out how four women battled this disease and how you can protect yourself.

Are you slathering on sunscreen, staying out of the midday sun, and steering clear of tanning booths? You should be, but a recent study reveals that more than 70 percent of 30- to 50-year-olds are making some sort of mistake that causes sun damage. In fact, despite knowing that too much sun can lead to premature aging and cancer, many women believe that taking the right precautions is just too much of a hassle, experts say. The sad result: All types of skin cancer are on the rise, especially among younger women, and one in five people are like to develop the disease.

Here, the stories of four women who figured the worst would never happen to them. Each worshipped the sun for years—until she noticed a funny mole, a scab that wouldnt heal, or a pimple that wouldnt go away. Soon all of these women were fighting skin cancer, and not just once. The good news? They beat it and are now doing all the right things. You can too.

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