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This Blue Algae Smoothie Works as a Soothing Face Mask Too

Blue algae may sound like something you only see when you’re snorkeling, but the vibrant ingredient has suddenly reached superfood status thanks to its potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and healing benefits.

If you’ve seen healthy foodies posting brilliant blue lattes or smoothies on Instagram lately, it’s likely the ingredient adding color to their beverage is algae, not food dye. Another name for the plant is spirulina, a pantry staple for wellness junkies and smoothie lovers alike. Why? For starters, blue algae is said to control cholesterol and reduce inflammation in the body. (But it can also interfere with immunosuppressants and blood thinners, so talk your doctor first if you’re taking these medicines.)

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The oceanic ingredient is also known to soothe the skin, which is why beauty brands have come up with firming creams and clarifying toners that are infused with algae.

Since algae seems to deliver awesome health benefits—both inside and out—we wanted to make the most of the ingredient. What better way to do so than to use it as the base for a skin-friendly face mask that can also be turned into a delicious smoothie? After all, they’re two of our favorite things.

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In this video, we’re showing you how to blend up an edible blue algae face mask that can be made into a smoothie with the addition of just two extra ingredients. The best part of all is that you probably already have all the other ingredients in your kitchen already. Made from plain Greek yogurt, honey, and lemon juice, the face mask recipe doesn’t require much shopping. To make the smoothie, you simply add banana and almond milk. Just pick up the bright plant powder and you’re ready to go.

We vote that your weekend plans include applying the natural mixture to your face, then sipping on the nutrient-packed smoothie while the concoction works its magic. You could head into Saturday night with a healthy glow. Yes, please!

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