7 Ways To Look Younger This Spring


Spring is here, and I’m finally in freshen-everything-up mode. Time to breathe life into my complexion, finally add that dimension to my hair, and—probably the most difficult of all—figure out a way to comfortably bare my truly paler-than-pale legs in public. On the upside, each of these little improvements, I’m noticing, also somehow manages to make me look younger, healthier, and all around more radiant (yes, please!). Want to get in on my sneaky secrets to jumpstart a more refreshed you? Here are my tricks…straight from Health’s beauty closet:

Rev up cell turnover
You can wash your face religiously (as I hope you do!), but to get that really gorgeous, glowy skin, exfoliation is a must, says…basically every dermatologist. My way: GlamGlow ($69), an anti-aging face mask that does it all (smoothes, brightens, tightens, shrinks pores, and more). Wash your face as usual, then slather it on. It tingles at first (it’s the blend of volcanic minerals working to draw out impurities), then hardens into a green cast-like film. Ten minutes later, wash it off with warm water (I like to work it into skin to further exfoliate as I do), then admire your completely soft, smooth, pore-less skin. Really—skip the facial and just try this!

josie-oil.jpg josie-oil.jpg ($34).

garnier-eye-cream.jpg garnier-eye-cream.jpg ($13). It has caffeine (a proven de-puffer), but it’s that cooling metal rollerball applicator that completely refreshes me, and makes me feel all tightened-up (like Spanx for undereyes!).

Brighten up…your hair!
Beauty editor confession: I’ve been hiding under dark-ish brown, one-length hair. I just added highlights and was excited to learn that not only do they boost your hair color, but they’re a convenient anti-ager, too: “Highlights soften your face and make your eyes pop,” says my go-to colorist Linda Lufi. “When they’re subtle, highlights can take 10 years off your face!”

Don’t forget about your lower half
For months, I’ve gotten away just paying a little attention to only what was showing: my face. The poor rest of my body! I haven’t yet gone bare-legged this season, but here’s my fail-safe plan for when I do: Start with a good oil-free exfoliator (my fave: Nivea Touch of Renewal Lathering Body Lotion, $5) allover, then slather on a gradual self-tanner. Blend, blend, blend. Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer ($9) is my go-to. People always complain about that unmistakable self-tanner smell, but this one’s been reformulated without the odor. I love that it covers up minor leg imperfections, too (we’ve all got ‘em).

essie.jpg essie.jpg ($8)—a bit orange-y for my pale skin, and it still looks great. Added bonus? The color instantly brightens up your hands (and feet!), and just makes you feel glow-ier allover.

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