The Smart Way to Splurge at Your Summer Barbecue


By Tina Haupert
Barbecues are my favorite part of the summer; who can resist good friends, good times, and good food? But sometimes these get-togethers make it too easy to overindulge.

Although one day of splurging won't do too much damage, regularly letting loose at BBQs certainly doesn't help with my weight maintenance. I didn't want to wake up Tuesday morning feeling guilty about my diet, so this Memorial Day I made mostly healthy choices. Here's my Feel Great Weight barbecue strategy.

Splurge when it comes to your sips
I eased into the celebration by enjoying a high-quality bottled beer. I used to drink the light variety from the party keg, but I soon realized that it's difficult for me to keep track of how many trips I've taken to refill my cup—meaning I never knew just how many calories I was sipping. Savoring a flavorful 12-ounce bottle is satisfying and instant portion control for me. And I don't have to worry about the lack of quality beer options at barbecues because I often bring my favorite bottled variety to share with the other guests. My host always appreciates having additional beverage options!

bbq-summer-150.jpg bbq-summer-150.jpg