Nutrition Voyeurism, Part 2: Everything I Ate Today, in Words and Pictures


By Julie Upton, RD

After my previous "Nutrition Voyeurism" post got so many comments, I knew I should do another one to show you all a little variety. A lot of you have ragged on me about my love of Splenda and all the processed foods in my diet, so I'm curious to hear what else you've got to say. I am enrolled in cooking classes now, so if I continue this on a regular basis, you may start to see some more real cooking going on in my life. For now, here’s day two. Go ahead: Tell me how great—or how poorly—I ate today. My nutrition skin is tough.

julie-breakfast-200.jpg julie-breakfast-200.jpg I was given by a work colleague! They work like a charm and the eggs look perfect every time.

2 poached eggs (160 calories)
2 slices whole wheat toast (180 calories)
1 tbsp Brummel and Brown spread (45 calories)
2 cups tea with milk (45 calories)
Total: 430 Calories

10:00 a.m.
I am a little hungry, so I eat an apple. Good thing I’m photojournaling my diet today, because I would normally reach for something not so healthy.

1 large apple (115 calories)

diet-pepsi-150.jpg diet-pepsi-150.jpg and grab a salad from the salad bar. It includes mixed greens, beets, tomatoes, mushrooms, slivered almonds, crumbled feta cheese, carrots, and a topping of mayo-heavy tuna salad. This is a perfect example of how salads can wreak havoc on a calorie-controlled diet: If you add in toppings that are calorie-rich—like cheese and mayo-laden tuna or egg salads—the salad's only redeeming quality is that it helps you get some vegetables in your diet.

Salad (450 calories)
Olive oil and vinegar as dressing (120 calories)
Total: 570 calories

chips-diet-pepsi-150.jpg chips-diet-pepsi-150.jpg (300 calories)
1 Diet Pepsi (0 Calories)

roast-chicken-200.jpg roast-chicken-200.jpg Dark Chocolate Cookies (130 calories)

  • 1 cup tea with milk (25 calories)
  • Total: 535

    Total for day: 2,070 calories

    Again, since I did a one-hour weight workout today, this is a fairly good calorie amount for me. I’m sure it is a bit of an underestimation, as my servings could have easily been more than what I’m thinking they are, and I’m not using measuring cups to be precise. What I know my day did lack was fresh fruit. What else do you think? Until next time, I look forward to your thoughts. Oh, and since it's American Heart Month, check out my 28 days of heart-healthy tips on's Healthy Living channel.