Gear Guide: Champion's Double Dry Performance Seamless Women's Tee


By Su Reid-St. John
Sometimes love sneaks up on you. You meet and think nothing of it. But then you start looking for opportunities to cross paths, and soon the object of your affection begins to feel necessary.

That’s how I feel about Champion’s Double Dry Performance Seamless Women’s Tee. When I first got this top, I tossed it in my workout drawer without a second thought. After wearing it a couple of times, though, I started seeking it out. I remember the first time I reached for it and realized it was dirty. I was so disappointed that I actually considered fishing it out of the hamper—where it had lain since the previous day’s sweat fest—for another go. (This from a girl who considers wearing jeans two days in a row a noteworthy accomplishment.)

Here’s why I love this T-shirt. First, it’s seamless, so it’s super-comfortable. Second, it’s surprisingly flattering; I'd thought it would be too body-hugging, but the stretchy fabric actually skims my figure, smoothing out imperfections (like my stubborn belly pooch). And, best of all, it’s like wearing an air-conditioner; the material wicks like mad and breathes so well that my skin actually feels cool while working up a sweat.

Of course, it’s not perfect. (What love ever is?) The high crew neck isn’t the best style for my short-trunked, slightly-busty frame. I much prefer the elongation of a V-neck. (Are you listening, Champion?)

Nevertheless, my infatuation remains steadfast. I never did retrieve it from the hamper that day. But I did buy another one.

Product: Champion Double Dry Performance Seamless Women's Tee

Category: Apparel

Pros: Seamless and flattering, with material that wicks and breathes to keep you cool during your workout.

Cons: Would look better with a V-neck.

Cost: $28 at

Extra tip: Get two, so you’ll always have a fresh one to wear.