These 3 Apps Help You Meditate On the Go


It’s the classic conundrum: The times when we most need to chill out are the times when it’s impossible to stop our busy lives to de-stress. Luckily, you can slip in some much-needed relaxation while checking off daily tasks. A recent study found that practicing mindfulness during routine chores—specifically dishwashing—can boost positive feelings and reduce negative ones. Get zen anywhere you go with one of these apps.

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Buddhify ($5 on iTunes; $3 on Google Play)

Bring some “ahh” into eating, traveling, and even working with more than 80 guided meditations for all parts of daily life.

Take a Break (free; iTunes and Google Play)

When you can’t seek solitude, unwind in less than 15 minutes with either stress-relief or work-break meditations from the creators of the popular Meditation Oasis podcast.

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Meditation Studio ($3; iTunes)

Access guided meditations for almost any scenario—such as boosting confidence before a date or easing nerves before a meeting. With the super-short two-minute-session option, you can take a breather anywhere (in line at the post office, maybe?).